Monday, October 1, 2012


Wanted:someone to sell the UN to take over the world, sounds Gabriel's horns, swell republican ranks, hires someone to start a war. starts the wrong one. ignites a searing blast. Keep the lid on Jesus amen. They had an actor already. This one fits the role like tv wrote the script back in the sixties, or Heinlein before that. question is what effect a collective unconscious might achieve. Is the crisis sharper than the ideological one which in reality has not been decided only kicked down the road.
in the popular parlance. twixt the twins, at the bottom of which is the light and the dark. with a preacher in charge it won't be much fun, what with praying, and going to Hell. I don't suppose people like me would be of much use in a world like that. Bishop Rumney doncha know, but he ain't the one.