Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nicholas Biddle, The Second Bank Of The United States

On August 26, 1831, Biddle's brother, Thomas, a War of 1812 veteran, was killed in a duel on Bloody Island (Mississippi River) at St. Louis, Missouri with Congressman Spencer Pettis. Thomas had taken offense to Pettis' criticizing Nicholas at the bank. After an exchange of letters to the editor Biddle accosted an ill Pettis in his hotel room. After Pettis recovered he challenged Thomas to a duel and both were killed when they exchanged shots from five feet apart

In April 1836, the Bank's charter expired, but the institution continued as a state-chartered bank for several more years. In 1839, Biddle resigned from his post, and in 1841, amidst the panic of 1837, the Bank failed. Biddle was arrested and charged with fraud; he was later acquitted. He died soon after while still involved in civil suits.


Let me have men about me that are fat,
Sleek-headed men and such as sleep a-nights.
Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look,
He thinks too much; such men are dangerous.

from hence, that is from the latest pot boiled with their bitter tea they commence all over again -the previous prevarications being not enough to unseat the other they must beat the bushes for new red herrings to serve for dinner,

Their young MBA's & freshly minted divinity students out of Liberty marching up & down the I-4 selling two car garages and the end of the world at the same time. Now, they need those colored votes--leek green caligula favored--to grease the wheels. Sweatin beading up wily Karl's face as he tries to sell them a fragrant new soap, community activists in the ghettos, fired up for the Lord, or drumming up interest for a new economic zone.

Young Paul will stay low, only utter enough nutty nonsense to keep himself in the news, don't expect him to agree with the president much, and his cadre will be close & Active. Only game we got today puts Mrs. Clinton in the forecast, a good old horse to be sure, and there is no doubt about her being a democrat, her own proposal for health care being shot down. We may be in need of the Good Mother four years hence, but she will have to run against at best an agent of the anti-christ, because as we all know the lie works, but only on the Faithful who have no choice but to believe, and nothing sells cars like a good lie.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Might be what was rejected was the blatant use of lies & money.

Told their lies so well they gravely believed them,
and repeated roundabout,
they found that they had lied to themselves when the numbers became a bit more real.

Mconnell being petulant.
Boner waiting for the prez's first move.
he said revenue is on the table
but later he may have to deny he said it.

Heard some pundit say the country has chosen a clear path to destruction
soon as he gets the data he'll let us know what that entails
Rove will have to enter the witness protection program,
live on the dole. keep his head down anyway.

"The Obama administration keeps an informal list of possible Supreme Court nominees; Experts see six women, two men in pool of potential ...,

"and meanwhile lame futurists weep into Spengler’s
prophecy, will the world be over before the races blend color?
All color must be one or let the world be done—
There’ll be a chance, we’ll all be orange!
I don’t want to be orange!"

--America Politica Historia, In Spontaneity by Gregory Corso

Friday, November 2, 2012

Buk's Ghost after Rumors Of A Lakers' loss

what's that little slip of a girl
doing with them basketball players
their dicks are as long she is
what she doing there anyway?

its a goddamn basketball game.

little thing spouts soap opera
while Kobie has a Sprain

I'd turn the damn thing off
but then what,
write a poem with a dead arm
around the corner from the grave
be more interesting than this game
and that little slip of a girl
talking nonsense when I got skin in the game.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


First stars' light measured in extragalactic fog of photons

 A boat washed inland by superstorm Sandy sits on the road
in Ship Bottom on Long Beach Island, N.J                         University of Alabama board names 1st woman as permanent president in 181-year history. British businessman pleads guilty to selling surface-to-air missile parts to Iran.

 Last #shuttle's retirement at space center means hundreds more workers will soon lose their jobs

Proto-Indo-European verbs

Verbal suffixes, including the zero suffix, convey grammatical information about tense and aspect, two grammatical categories that are not clearly distinguished. Present and aorist are universally recognised, while some of the other aspects remain controversial. Two of the four moods, the subjunctive and the optative, are also formed with suffixes, which sometimes results in forms with two consecutive suffixes: *bʰér-e-e-ti > *bʰérēti "he would carry", with the first *e being the present tense marker, and the second the subjunctive marker. Reduplication can mark the present and the perfect. Verbal endings convey information about grammatical person, number and voice. The imperative mood has its own set of endings What was that he grunted at you, Vern?