Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Might be what was rejected was the blatant use of lies & money.

Told their lies so well they gravely believed them,
and repeated roundabout,
they found that they had lied to themselves when the numbers became a bit more real.

Mconnell being petulant.
Boner waiting for the prez's first move.
he said revenue is on the table
but later he may have to deny he said it.

Heard some pundit say the country has chosen a clear path to destruction
soon as he gets the data he'll let us know what that entails
Rove will have to enter the witness protection program,
live on the dole. keep his head down anyway.

"The Obama administration keeps an informal list of possible Supreme Court nominees; Experts see six women, two men in pool of potential ...,

"and meanwhile lame futurists weep into Spengler’s
prophecy, will the world be over before the races blend color?
All color must be one or let the world be done—
There’ll be a chance, we’ll all be orange!
I don’t want to be orange!"

--America Politica Historia, In Spontaneity by Gregory Corso

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