Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Upon perceiving the Vortex in American Political Life, or Anne Coulter's Adam's Apple


ms. Coulter, ms. Coulter;
She seems very near the center of the Vortex. The essential banality of the American discussion, it's viciousness which stops just sort of violence. The Right it would seem has a certain mean spiritedness about it, an air of infallibility which gives it an authority which the left has abandoned over the years, as most of its social fantasies have collapsed for one reason or another. The ego centric world of politics ill-fits the leftest demagogue who must swear to give his power away for the sake of the people. The demagogue of the right has no such intellectual diverseness, being aligned with those establishments which condone the gathering of power into ever smaller groups for the sake of efficiency.

It is perhaps, more than anything else, the certainity of Ms. Coulter in her position, her blithe dismissal, her arrogance in assuming that anything that interferes with her assertions is at best the product of a limited imagination. She brings no learned argument to the table, her facts are often innuendo. Recently she asserted that in the Garden of Eden, Man was given dominion over the earth to rape and pillage it as he chose. Surely, for a Christian from the Far right, her choice of words might have included Sterwardship, tho the image, given free will might well have included the former it ill befits a spokesperson for the will of the Lord to give the flock such free rein over the remains of our once pristine planet.

Ah, well. Ms. Coulter Ms. Coulter,
how does your garden grow,

Player Queen:
Both here and hence pursue me lasting strife,
If once I be a widow, ever I be a wife!

Player King:
'Tis deeply sworn. Sweet, leave me here a while,
My spirits grow dull, and fain I would beguile
The tedious day with sleep.

Player Queen:
Sleep rock thy brain,
And never come mischance between us twain!

Madam, how like you this play?

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

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Lisa said...

No matter what they say about you, you rock.

Great stuff in this blog.