Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Meltdown

Well, isn't this a fine mess.
A new emperor in fine clothes! But its a bit chilly for those.

700 billion.

For the frat boys in fine suits who got caught with their pants down, my momma used to say there was no such thing as free money.

Problem is, them boys never listened to their momma.

Dwindling resources equals the end of the gravy parade--So the dudes with the real cash, that paper not backed by the mystical machinations of credit for credit shut off the faucet.
--oopsers. Bound to happen. Tipping point. "Please, Mr. Bush, give us some more money so we can continue to roll in the dough--"

Probably happen too. Problem is that government money is worth no more than a handful of snow, and melts right through the hand. Bingo the bunko bankers go, give us more, and they will, cause everybody got their hand in the trough one way or another but strapped for the cash to pay the Wal-mart credit card, and that's mostly owned by China too. Everybody go Boo-hoo.
With no pain, the Corporate State can slip right through--which Mr. Rove knows, since Mr. Cheney told him so back in the day when they began building the paper castle with credit cards and bank machines--computers to track the interest rates and multiply the multiples--I guess in the end they forgot about the American propensity for the quick buck, now they are up against it and we'll have to see how far they are willing to go and just what they are willing to risk. They like to keep the untidiness on foreign shores but they will do what they have to do. Seems to me, the bankers like wars, but find riots to be most unprofitable.

All in. Us & them both. Us? we got a two and a three in the hole, and the first card turned up is a suicide king. If we let the bailout go through they get to play in the sand box for a while, if not, the shit hits the fan for a good bit, things get re-adjusted to a more realistic level, but Jesus knows there will be Hell to pay, and in the end they just move back into the dusty offices where the paper get pushed along. Its a good thing rednecks like to play dress up and wear gaudy uniforms with shiny medals, else ways they might have to hire Hessians to come in to keep order. As it is, homegrown blackshirts will have to do, at least they got some practice in at the RNC, bashing heads and doing the paper work, processing is a good word, sorta neutral in the scheme of things; at least when people disappear.

Time to pay the piper, people.--one way or another. Greed is good til the pot boils over and the revenooers come to take the truck; and you have to sell the cow for a dime on the buck. Happy go lucky has called the shell game and the pea has rolled off the folding table and is headed towards the gutter.

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Lisa Nickerson said...

Great and truthful view
sad and depressing but somehow -- and maybe this is all part of some plan
facing the Truth in all this feels like taking off our masks.

This is who we are -- and what we treasure. All the fakery about love and democracy and spirituality and freedom was simply a cover up.

But somehow i bet the bailout will go through and most people will just keep on keepin on -- even more barely than they have
but not so much so that anything drastic happens

it is strange times.