Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Bankers

"The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, also known as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Services Modernization Act, Pub.L. 106-102, 113 Stat. 1338, enacted 1999-11-12, is an Act of the United States Congress which repealed part of the Glass-Steagall Act, opening up competition among banks, securities companies and insurance companies."

old Uncle Ezra says--

"I have of course never said that cash is constant
(Douglas) and in fact the population (Britain 1914)
was left with 800 millions of "deposits"
after all the cash had been drawn, and
these deposits were satisfied by the
printing of treasury notes."

...he goes on, that was some years ago in a canto. Mad as a hatter, so they say, Uncle Ez, going on and on about the bankers, and Greed. 'Course everyone knows Bankers are not greedy, that's why they're bankers, and not lawyers running for office.

Everybody knows how to fix this thing. --Some say it has already been fixed by the Bankers and the lawyers who have gotten into Office.--Others say they have gone about it the wrong way; others that it ought to stay broke cause there ain't no fixin it anyways.

Didya ever shake up a soda and take the cap off?

Be a shame to lose all this ease and convenience, phoning in your prescription on your Medicare card; watching old movies on tv when you are half asleep, or reading the bad news on your computer screen and weeping.

"Trust no-one, little marmoset." That's what Herod told Claudius upon his ascension to the Imperium, well according to Mr. Graves. Seems like someone forgot that in the maze of contracts, the blind alleys and paper shuffling. Another thing about it is the infantile mandate, "I want", but that sandbox is already full of discarded toys, lumps of coal pretending to be diamonds, garages full of Things that haven't been seen for years.

So we'll have a yard sale they say! Biggest in years--

"I have lost the cutting but apparently
such things do still happen, he
suicided outside her door while
the family was preparing her body for burial
and she knew this was the case."

...Uncle Ez a few lines earlier. Ain't it amazing how the tone can change?

Let's just look at all this: first they pass that above law so the bankers can get into real estate from front to back--then they sell a lot of it so the price goes up on their papers, then the deal goes south and the paper they got is worthless so they sell it to the government and now they are going to buy it back with the government money and then resell it as the price begins to climb? (This is called a Crisis, since if they don't get their way they sell stock in a frenzy, and withold their cash from the market). Don't matter to the little guy he's burnt from asshole to elbow anyways, cause he thought he was getting over in the first place.

Yeppie doodles. Uncle Ez says somewhere that the first thing people should learn is Economics. Some folks think they do.--Seems to me the first law you gotta learn, is where to hide the money. Poor folk don't get much practice at that, the money being mostly gone by the time they get it. It doesn't really matter how much they give you in Mr. Marx's labor pool, they find a way to get it back from you before you even know you had it. That's probably the second law they teach in Economic school. The third is to say even less than a politician is apt to which isn't a lot so just write out the check.

I know some places back in the hills where money has always been in short supply. The good times was back in the day when you could get government checks for babies, and the only thing wrong with the Cadillac on blocks in the backyard was a busted waterpump. Things change; though I don't suppose babies are in short supply, you can't even find the waterpump on a Caddy anymore, not that it matters to the Bankers, or the lawyers who got into office they'll just buy a new one with their government check.

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