Wednesday, April 28, 2010

financial reform?

Wall street has already bought one political party and at least half of another is kept in its back pocket just in case. As if that weren't enough there is an unearthly silence from the tea party--a bit of cosmetics, a symbolic slap on the wrist and its back to the festivities. Seems to me the wherewithal for the intangibles comes from the defense industry's insatiable thirst for gadgets to hurt people with--that is the gold, the hard cash, the product itself. All the rest of it is just worthless paper; the creation of overactive imaginations with nothing really much to do. The endless numbers nothing more than the evolution of alchemy, base metal changed into gold, or its modern equivalent. No-one wants to look directly at the sun of course; to sever one's connections to the source is to slowly starve to death. As long as the illusion is kept intact, the cattle will amble from the pasture each morning and line up dutifully at the trough.

here now! look at this Number, on page 8 of section 9--which is entirely fictitious but is made to appear not so by the adding of this and so & so, creatively, almost as if it were the magic castle in which Sleeping Beauty is at rest, and so far, every Prince that comes along has been bought & sold, or hung on the long thorns until he turns to bone.

Expect the lie. In the Empire there is no truth, and the Republic was a dream someone had a long time ago.

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