Saturday, May 8, 2010

a media matters comment:

One might find a prototype of each of them, O'Reilly, Limburger, Hammity, & Becky in South Park's Eric Cartman. Pale. Pasty. The foul stench of unhealthiness, despite the camouflage of flattering lights and make-up; the sly superiority and subtle bigotry of every word they utter, as if, indeed, their education ended in the third grade.

Each of them licks at the bootstraps of a power which they can never have, and never should have as the case of Rove clearly illustrates. Let us be content that they spout their nursery rhymes and made up worlds from the safe environs of Mr. Roger's neighborhood, the faux world of the television studio.--

A few of their more glaring flaws,

Mr. O'Really drools whenever Ms. Me'am Schtick appears on his show, nearly incoherent he fawns obsequiously.

Becky is the playground prophet, the master of everything, should you dare to disagree with him, you will be rewarded with a host of petty revenges, a trait each of our Carthons exhibit to one degree or another, as fear is the primary weapon in their endless war against reality. Pale Becky is the weakest of the crew, the one most vulnerable to hurt--

Ah, Mr. Limburger! What name has he not been called? His royal round puffiness bleating day after day? One notes he attaches his own inefficiencies to those he attacks; primarily Mr. Clinton, and Mr. Obama--with Mrs. Clinton in the role of Victim/witch. A psycho-sexual drama, in which day after day, he chips away at the charisma which for all his ill gotten wealth he cannot buy.

Mr. Hammity is the kid nobody pays attention to--even now he's more or less the forgotten member of our little crew, whatever he spews he's overshadowed by his more flamboyant com-padres. So, he fabricates his own little world, and peoples it with people that agree with only him, just as he has always done.

Classic Bullies each & every one. A stage we all went through, one time or another. Most of us came to the conclusion that it was somehow distasteful, something which we abhorred in ourselves, others, apparently, find it heady as it imbues them with a sense of pseudo power, as whatever ever they might choose to cast upon the waters must be the truth because they have said it.

Attention is what they truly crave, take it away and they will slowly sink into oblivion--deep down we all know that, we also know that when we get bored with these, the impresarios and puppet masters will give us a new crop of buffoons to play with.

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