Saturday, May 14, 2011

Information Overload

One might say these day we depend on the Media for distilled information.

Unfortunately, it all depends on the corn that's used in the still. For instance, using next years corn for this year's brew will produce no more than a fine grade of water. Most of them are using crop that's not due to come in for 10 years.

That's our budgetary woes. Which all in all have as much to do with reality as Revelation does with the present ending of the world.

Coupla things I've noticed. The stock market mostly goes up, cept when it don't.
Generally though it goes up, and the dollar goes down, not against other currencies but in what it will buy. Secondly, in 1929, taxes on the corporations, and on the rich were about on the level they were in 2009. You will need two seperate charts for this, you won't find them combined anywhere on the web. Superficially, it would appear that when the tax rate reaches a certain level there is a disincentive to invest. Unemployment reaches catastropic levels. As the tax rate rises unemployment goes down. Presumably, "They" would need an excuse for not investing, generally one seems to present itself. No doubt this is heresy, based on ignorance.

I can only report what my eyes see. Old man told me one time to believe only half of what I saw, and none of what I heard. These days, just about everyone carries a marked deck, and practices sleight of hand; the magicians are better than they ever have been. If you got enough numbers you can make them dance to just about any tune you want, just about--Ryan tried to make them do Swan Lake & he fell into the black lagoon. Still, no matter who is handing them out, you might want to taste them some, never can tell what they're putting in the candy poke. One thing is certain everyone will want more money, and to tell you the truth, for the most part they're not too concerned about how they get it. The virtuous are far more rare than flowers.

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jerry d. said...

The old man who told you about believing nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see was friends with my father and if alive he would be 104years.